Men’s Giant Bikes

Are you bewildered by the choice that confronts you when you're looking for a bike? The bicycle has evolved to such an extent, and in so many different directions, that only a true expert can be sure of recommending the right machine for any particular rider, and for any particular purpose. It's perilously easy to spend a lot of money on a bike, only to find out that it turns out not to be quite the machine you hoped it would be.

Luckily, the men of Perth have the experts at Giant Cannington to consult when buying a mountain or road bike. Giant Cannington is staffed by passionate cyclists who make it their business to know the pros and cons of all the models they handle. They'll take the time to share their experience with you, discuss your cycling style and budget, and make choosing the right Giant bike easy - because it should be!

At Giant Cannington. You'll find:

Off-road performance - the advanced men's mountain bikes produced by Giant represent incredible value for money at entry level, and the range extends up to highly engineered models that incorporate the very latest research in composite technology, offering an unbeatable balance of speed, control and off road capabilities.

Off-Road Sport/Lifetsyle - we'll get you mobile with our hybrid style bikes that offer both on and off road capabilities for an affordable price. This range is perfect for weekend riders and those with an off road route commute to work.

On-Road Performance - the full range of giant road bikes are on offer here, with a model to suit every style and every pocket. Our entry-level road bikes still come with some of the best Shimano componentry and our competition road bikes represent some of the most advanced technologies available, including ultra stiff carbon fibre frames and the best light weight components.

On-Road Sport - For the cyclist that want to get ahead on bitumen, we have a full range of sport bikes that provide a incredible performance for their price tag.

X-Road - these bikes give you the best blend of on- and off-road characteristics. These hybrid bikes suit riders who demand more wheel durability than a road bike, but still want power and speed.

On-Road Lifestyle - these compact, practical bikes are an affordable solution to your work commute, and include the brilliant foldaway Expressway 1.

On-Road Triathlon - you will lead the field with our Trinity range of triathlon bikes. They embody the very latest design technology, and are all Road-Sense ready, so you can analyse and track your performance.