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Our highly anticipated X1 is the second light in the Gloworm range -designed 100% in NZ. The new X1 is the first bicycle light system powered by the new Cree XM-L U3 emitter - approximately 8% more powerful than the U2!

The X1 gives out an astonishing 850+ lumens from a unit weighing in at 58g (remote and mount included) and 32mm in diameter. It boasts the same characteristics as the X2 in being waterproof, robust and CNC machined from 6061 Alloy - No plastic parts here!

The optics are a custom solution designed to provide maximum throw while maintaining a beam pattern that is easy on the eye - no discolouration, round beam and no artifacts. The kit will include 3 interchangable optics: Flood, Spot, Super Spot.

This tiny unit will utilise the same low profile style mounting solution as the X2 for the helmet, however will not have a bar mount included in the set. Instead our new QR bar mount will be available as an extra accessory. The QR mount will also be compatible with the X2.

The X1 will be supplied with a 2 cell battery, once again containing high capacity Panasonic cells. Its capacity will be 2900 mAh giving a runtime of 2hr 15min on maximum. The 2 cell battery will be compatible with the X2.

Controlling the X1 will be managed through a remote switch. It will also present the same selectable programmes as its big brother.

The Gloworm X1 can also be ordered with a four cell battery (runtime 4.5hrs).



More than 850 Lumens (real, not theoretical)

IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) technology

Waterproof to IP67

2 Cell Lithium Ion Hard Case Battery with Panasonic cells (4 cell upgrade available)

1 x Cree XML U3 LED emitter

Interchangeable Lens system (Superspot, Spot and flood optics)

2.25 hr runtime on Boost power

4hr battery charge

Remote switch

The X1 is delivered in a hard-shell carry case.  The contents of the case are:

Lithium Ion Battery Smart Charger

Extension Cable

Light Head

Alloy Helmet Mount

2 Cell Li-ion Battery (sealed case) using Panasonic Li-ion cells

Bezel removal tool/bottle opener


Additional Functions:

Battery mounted power monitor

Light will flash to warn of critical battery level

IMT Technology

Overheat Protection


IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) Programmes 


Trail – Optimum settings for mountain biking

Commute – Preset levels to suit road cycling

Adventure – Suited to adventure racing and trail running

Bush – Settings optimized for hiking and trekking