GPS Trackers & Bike Computers

Cycling has come a very long way in the last two decades. As well as the obvious developments such as the rise in the use of composites, the revolution in disc brakes, and the proliferation of off-road designs. But dedicated bike users know that equally important has been the development of electronic devices for cyclists, to assist them with training, touring and competing. GPS tracking and navigation are just the start of it. These days bike computers have available to them phenomenal computing power and connectivity. As well as GPS, today’s devices can capture every aspect of your ride, including:

  • Biometrics such as heart rate, speed and cadence, and power
  • Distance, speed and ascent/descent profiles
  • Social media sharing, weather feed and course send and receive

At Giant Cannington, we stock three brands of electronic device for the cyclist:

Garmin Edge 510

Far and away the most popular device among competitive cyclists, the Garmin Edge really deserves its name. Compatibility with both GPS and GLONASS means more secure satellite acquisition and improved signal lock, so the 510 is ideal for the most challenging conditions, such as canyons. The Edge 510 pairs with Smartphones using Bluetooth, enabling you to share the details of your ride with your family and friends without exposing your iPhone to the weather or depleting its battery. Weather forecasts and alerts arrive in real time. Equipped with a tether to preserve it in the event of a spill, the Garmin Edge 510 is rugged and waterproof, with a 20 hour battery life. It’s designed to be simple to operate, even with a wet, gloved finger.


Keeping it simple, the Axact range brings you the crucial parameters of your ride for an entry-level price of $45.